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Vailati's company was founded in November 1954, as a family business founded by brothers Marco, Amelio and Luigi as Brothers Vailati Primo, specializing in the production of handmade furniture.
Since the 70 turns in Vailati Luigi & Renato, and also taking advantage of the inclusion of the new generations, it specializes in making
furniture and custom-made furnishings, maintaining the expression of typical craftsmanship Cantù.

The Company operates  with philosophy based on established principles:


Any preliminary visit,
Estimate of costs,
Inspection and verification measures,
Definition of the details,
Time planning,
Production with the help of machines technological tying to finishing and to a control craft,
-Transportation and installation performed directly by ns. personnel,
After sales service
Possibility to put in contact with Studies Architecture for custom projects.

Here you will find a team of craftsmen who shape wood for furniture of unique beauty.


Our experience and versatility of working allows us to meet all your needs.


We are always available to design your furniture according to your tastes.

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